What is subtractionism?



look inside my sketchbook of subtractionism

Manchester Art Gallery original print and styled illustration

How I got started

Subtractionism started following a series of icon illustrations I created to highlight a selection of the classic buildings in Manchester’s City Centre. The first set of building illustrations were part of a map design project for The Manchester International Festival.

The design of the map dictated that I had to make the building icons recognisable, on a small scale. I decided to cut back and concentrate on the shape and form of each building, only revealing essential detail.

“ After spending time working on each building illustration, breaking the subject down into its basic shapes has given me a real feel for the Architects brief and how their interpretations took shape.”

The more I have explored the different styles of architecture in and around Manchester, the greater my interest and fascination has grown, not just the buildings shape and design but also what it stood for and the industries it has represented over the many decades as Manchester was at the heart of The Industrial Revolution and many of these buildings played their part. As I draw, explore and see more I aim to share my work on this website

Looking in isolation

“ Our city centre buildings are crammed together as they compete for space, their true style and form goes unseen and is often ignored. The aim of my work and illustration style is to isolate the buildings, allowing them to stand alone gives them a unique, almost monolithic presence away from the shadows of others.”

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