Early test prints were a great success with Manchester Art Gallery

picture of Manchester Art Gallery test silk screen prints

Framed screen prints of Manchester Art Gallery

manchester art gallery framed print

An emerging Artist…

My thanks go out to Manchester Art Gallery for showing interest in my work and recognising me as an emerging artist.

I was inspired by their enthusiasm and have now developed my portfolio into a series of prints concentrating on the buildings in and around Manchester City Centre.

Getting started…

The illustrations started as a set of map icons and took me back into the City I have grown up with, and worked in for over 30 years.

The "brief " to myself was to cut back the detail of the buildings and leave an easily identifiable image in one colour.

Manchester Art Gallery retro style print

Back to basics

To solve the brief I returned to the traditional techniques I was taught at art school and my early career as a commercial artist and visualiser. I then started researching the art created by commercial artists from the mid 20th Century, how their style developed and was dictated by the printing technology of the time.

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